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Note of activity report from The Netherlands #SEITYE

Promoter organisation:

Stichting ADYNE Netherlands is the Dutch extension of the African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe. We promote youth participation at local level, social entrepreneurship and provide methods and tools for the integration of immigrants in The Netherlands.

Target Group:

This activity involved 26 participants with the following profile: Municipality officers responsible for youth, elected representatives from local institutions with responsibilities in youth unemployment issues, youth workers and educators from NGOs and other institutions working with young migrants and youth with migrant backgrounds, youth leaders and young migrants or with migrant background active in the field of youth participation and social inclusion, researchers on youth issues and migrant youth on local level.

Main topics:

The main topics that were discussed during this activity were: unemployment, youth entrepreneurship, start-up and what it takes to run a business, and business planning.


According to the European Commission, entrepreneurship is a powerful driver of economic growth and job creation: it creates new companies and jobs, opens up new markets, and nurtures new skills and capabilities. Having started that Commission aims to support an environment attractive to all forms of entrepreneurship, where also business support services reach all potential entrepreneurs, including those from more vulnerable groups, with the aim to make the EU in its entirety stronger and more cohesive.

Within the EU, migrants represent an important pool of potential entrepreneurs, but can face, as other more vulnerable groups, specific legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles. These issues need to be addressed in full to give support equitable to that received by all other entrepreneurial groups.

Referring to the context of the SEITYE Project, young migrants and their communities remain facing unemployment. As one of vulnerable groups in the EU, young immigrants, are being affected by the social and economic impacts of the financial crisis that started in 2008. The generation whose future in many countries is on “hold.”. Unemployment affects highly their lives, their autonomy, their capacity to start their life projects as full citizens, and their sense of self-esteem and confidence. As a consequence, they face barriers to fully integrate and positively participate in the society they are living in since being able to find a sustainable job seems to be a never-ending struggle. Yet having a job is a fundamental part of participation and positive citizenship for a country or a community.


The main objective in this activity was to provide to the young people with migrant backgrounds, and young refugees with information and tools that could enable them to boost their sense of creativity in term of business creation and business development as well as arise the entrepreneur who lies into each one of them. But more importantly and as specific objective this activity aimed at identifying potential entrepreneurs among young migrants and raising the awareness about entrepreneurship within their communities and providing information on entrepreneurship, business planning, legal aspects of setting up a company and hiring employees.

Outcomes and results:

As outcome to this activity, 26 participants among which young people with migrant backgrounds, and young refugees were informed and had an opportunity to interact with each-other on different topics related to youth entrepreneurship and eradication of unemployment in the Netherlands. It was such a crucial moment between representatives of the local municipalities and youth migrants to interact on youth unemployment as whole and the unemployment of youth migrants in particular. Participants committed to keep in touch with one another as means to foster exchanges and share best practices between them and identify their potentialities as well as raising awareness about youth entrepreneurship within their communities.