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Promoter organisation

Black Business Academy is an organisation in the Netherlands which focuses on teaching the African Diaspora Youth how to become successful entrepreneurs. The organisation discusses various topics related to entrepreneurship in order to help the African Diaspora to set up prosperous businesses.

Target Group

This activity involved 25 participants who are all African Entrepreneurs or people who want to become entrepreneurs. We had entrepreneurs for all different sectors, such as IT, Events Recruitment, Trading, Consultancy etc.

Main topics

The main topics that were discussed during this activity were: business finances, bookkeeping, taxes, and entrepreneurship. After the presentation, the participants had the chance to ask different types of questions.


The main objective of this event was to provide the participants with valuable information regarding the financial aspects of running a business. We know from experience that many African entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances and the rules associated with this. As a result, these entrepreneurs suffer losses needlessly. With the information they received, we believe that they will better able to handle their business finances from now on.

Outcomes and results

As an outcome of this activity, we received feedback from 14 participants to organize such an event again. They want us to discuss topics such as Marketing, law, Operations, and business strategy in our next events.