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Kick start to the SEITYE transnational meetings in Siegburg, Germany from 20th to 23rd of September 2018

#SEITYE first meeting. The main aim of this meeting was to kick start to the partnership, set firm outline to conduct the project activities, build trustful communication between partners, exchange best practices among youth workers and the frames for the Intellectual Output No 1 “Social Entrepreneurial Ideas for better Inclusion” #erasmusplus

The following activities were implemented (Agenda):

– Activities of teambuilding,

– Reviewing the project time line and activities

– Planning activities of partners in their countries connected to the intellectual outputs, monitoring and evaluation process and dissemination activities.

– Synchronizing and distributing tasks among partners,

– Getting acquainted with examples of good practices from different countries

– Sign the agreement of cooperation between partners

– Set the outlines of the Study Case: Social entrepreneurial ideas for better inclusion,

– Discuss organizational work structures of youth workers on social development and social responsibilities for providing crucial support to the immigrants, refugees and communities with fewer opportunities.