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Note of activity report from Finland #SEITYE

Promoter organisation:


Target Group:

– Social and youth workers that works with refugees.

– African Diaspora Youth workers and leaders.

– Young people with few opportunities from African diaspora community in Europe.

– Young immigrants and descendants of Immigrants living in Europe.

– Professional Youth Africans and students with economic and social problems.

Main topics:

– Promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people

– Promoting quality youth work

– Empowerment of youngmigrants and young refugees


This training project “Impact of Social Youth Workers on Young Refugees” involved social

youth workers that work in organization that support young refugees from partner

organizations. This training allowed social youth workers from Portugal, Germany, Sweden,

Ireland, Finland, Greece and Cyprus to identify common challenge of social workers with lack

of capacity on social and economic skills to provide better responses for young refugees on

social-economical inclusion in Europe. This training was important moment for social workers to develop competencies on social and economic learning (e.g. job opportunities, employment, entrepreneurship, communication, youth emancipation, social inclusion and Cohesion) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of inclusion and cooperation, promote entrepreneurial skills and encouraging the active participation and involvement in development of their own youth groups through employment and entrepreneurship and understand social-cultural difference between the partner countries and using learning competencies on social and economic inclusion. This project focused on social workers that work with refugees youth groups, coming from the families that are facing social and economic problems at local levels from the partner countries in Europe and at same willing to improve their organisational skills, socioeconomic competencies and their knowledge on job and entrepreneurial opportunities for better inclusion of refugees youth groups.


-To improve and promote community-based entrepreneurship and education based on the social needs of 25 young migrants and young refugees. In order to develop new and innovative curriculum we will compile, create and test new educational approaches for better integration. And also, creating a good learning quality with the relevant links to non-formal education using youth work skills, giving youth the ability to build on their own skills, and creating learning environments around issues that affect them.

– To educate 25 youth and social workers on the possibilities of youth entrepreneurship among refugees and migrants

– To connect these youth transnationally to share best practices

– To explore and determine the needs of young immigrants when it comes to educational programmes and entrepreneurship in the local environments

– To provide higher chances for employment of these youth by developing educational programmes that are tailored specifically to them

– To empower and involve the 25 young people in improving the social and economic conditions to improve local development

– To develop strategies and work plans in materials of inclusion of young immigrants that must be followed to avoid the social and urban conflict

– To increase synergies and responses of a significant social impact involving the youth community of immigrants in Europe through increased partnerships and joint projects

– To introduce healthier and realizable alternatives to the sense of social exclusion and youth unemployment

– To increase the social workers motivation to introduce into social responsibility and

economical learning by creating conditions to support youth refugees on their own inclusive

and fair existing programme in Europe.

– To demonstrate new and better opportunities for employment social and youth entrepreneurship to combat unemployment and socio-economic exclusion of young people

– To increase and improve the participation of young immigrants and carry a full European citizenship with all rights and duties which European rules preserve.

– To develop the quality criteria on policies, intervene in social and economic work practices

for social workers and their contribution to youth organization’s needs, capacity on young

refugee’s inclusion in European society.

Outcomes and results:

The impact and result s we had in this training project, were:

– The development of 3 local initiatives of social and youth workers and their organisations with regard to human values and social responsibility, as well economical learning, including refugees and European dimensions.

– The promotion and support the role of social workers in social responsibility and capacity building activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network

of specifically sharing experience of social workers who strengthen the presence and promote

the values of diversity in the community.

– The promotion of the presence and the role of social workers on refugees field as positive

actors of change in capacity-building processes and inclusion.

– Fostering cooperation with key stakeholders, partners, non-governmental and organizations

that work with refugees that helped immigrant organizations and social workers to develop

their own activities with young refugee groups.

– The development of better experiences in the social workers sector through social-economical

education activities with young refugees.

– The improvement of the competencies on integration and intercultural learning of social