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Note of activity report from Greece #SEITYE

Promoter organisation: ASANTE

Target Group:

– Youth leaders with immigrant background.

– Young people with few opportunities from Finland, Portugal and Greece.

– Young immigrants and descendants of Immigrants living in Finland, Portugal and Greece.

– Professional Youth workers and trainers.

Main topics:

– Youth Participation

– Intercultural dialogue

– Promoting quality youth work


From 21th to 26th of October 2018, 21 young leaders from Greece, Finland and Portugal had a privilege to achieve a trilateral youth meeting – “Social partnership for Youth Development” – took advantage of this excellent opportunity to prepare the young people of Athens, Helsinki and Lisbon to the great challenges and development ahead related with youth participation.

This activity aimed to allow young people with few opportunities to participate and contribute in the development in their communities through their knowledge of the experience gained in the activities acquired not only in Greece, Finland but also in Portugal, thereby strengthening the youth cooperation between youth organisations between the two countries with a view to creating a platform for permanent dialogue and cooperation between the organizations.

In this activity, 7 young participants from Helsinki 7 from Lisbon and 7 from Athens had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in crucial areas of human development, particularly in the area of integration and training, to express their concerns, needs and expectations, define its priorities for its action plans and actions related to youth and immigrant descendants of immigrants living in Greece, Finland and Portugal, as well as to prepare projects and key strategies for the development of the partnership and cooperation.

The meeting was achieved in six working days in Athens with had a residential format and was implemented methods of non-formal education and non-formal learning, with English as working language but always ensuring the translation and all the moment between English-Portuguese-Greek.


– To empower and involve young people to improve the responsiveness of youth to local development and impact in their communities.

– To Increase resources for multidisciplinary integration support for immigrants and descendants in poor neighbourhoods.

– To map real difficulties of youth immigrants in Greece, Finland and Portugal to find job, decent work and being social entrepreneurs.

• To provide the space for youth living in Greece, Finland and Portugal to review, evaluate and plan the follow actions regarding responsibility, employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

• To Manage diversity, conflicts in intercultural and diverse environment between participants;

• To demonstrate the richness and importance of culture and diversity within the community, where they inform the customs, traditions, from Europe and other cultures;

• To rescue the ethnic and cultural identity of people in order to discern the values and beauty of cultures in our societies;

• To establish linkages and social commitments capable of taking knowledge and instil in people respect for cultural difference;

• To concern the young people about the social problems that have caused in the youth community;

• To provide bases of support for young people, skills and tools to aid them and the others;

• To provide young people with less experiences, opportunities and abilities to exchange young people from Greece, Finland and Portugal with other cultural backgrounds and experiences;

• To make young people gain confidence about this issue and provide bases to approach and initiate a dialogue about poverty and social exclusion problems;

• To foster young people to participate more actively in civic life in their communities;

• To give more information to the youth as way to improve capacities and help in local communities;

• To show the interest of young people in this thematic to the governments and local authorities.

Outcomes and results:

The impact and results we had in this project, were:

– More commitment to carry out more projects and work with young Africans of the three countries partners in the project;

– Creation of a community of youth group with the intention to implement social projects in Africa involving young people so that there is better integration and well-being of most deprived communities;

– Inter-relationship between African organisations in Greece, Finland and Portugal in terms of cooperation between the various realities and social projects on diversity and cultural promotion of good practices carried out by young Africans.

– Creation of a set of proposals that can serve the authorities and Governments in order to improve youth and immigration policies;

– A document that serves the interests of not only organizations but also young people who can be used as a guide for future action;

– Creation of conditions for working closer and in cooperation with other institutions in the country in order to improve the structures and capabilities of responses from organizations working with young people with few opportunities.